Neil Hesse's Complete Bio

Neil is originally from Arizona. While he played the guitar in high school, Neil studied the Violin when he started at Colorado College, and played in the orchestra. He then switched his concentration to Guitar and studied under Dale Miller.


While in college he was also a member of the famed Steven Scott, Bowed Piano Ensemble and traveled extensively, world wide, with that group. When in Colorado Springs, Neil was part of the Colorado College Guitar Ensemble directed by Dale. Neil has a B.A. in Music from Colorado College.

Neil has studied with Dale for over eleven years.


Neil was certified in the Childbloom program in July of 2014. He joined the Childbloom team at Childbloom of Colorado Springs at that time as a guitar instructor for both children and adults. He has proven to be an excellent guitar instructor and enjoys the ensemble environment. Neil is the director of the Childbloom Ensemble an the adult ensemble as well.