Thinking of Guitar lessons? Read what our students, and musicians say about our program!

People are saying what?


From a Dedicated Student

The Dale Miller Studio is the place to go if you want to learn how to play guitar. Right up front, you will learn how to read music, the techniques of playing a guitar and music theory. What you will learn will help you establish how to practice and most important, how to play! And play well. It might take a while, but you will be able to establish an independence and may just find yourself with skills that you can enjoy for your lifetime. Dale teaches Classical Guitar and Neil Hesse, the other instructor teaches the adult ensemble. Both Dale and Neil teach children ages 5 – 12 in the Childbloom program. Check it out!

                                               Pat Rugg

From a Fan

If you have met Dale, you know that he has a heart of gold. Not only is he an amazing person, he has a passion for music and is an excellent teacher. If you are looking for a guitar teacher, I highly recommend him!

                                            Kate Dubbelde Woolmen


A Voice Student Shares her Voice

"As an active singer, I needed to improve my vocal strength and tone. Sarah quickly pinpointed the sources behind my challenge areas. Through targeted exercises, she released me into new levels of vocal strength, tone conditioning, and breath management. Thanks so much, Sarah!"

                                           Anna Holt, Band Singer

From One of Neil's Students

Neil is a very patient teacher who knows how to listen and adapt his lessons to each individual student. He has brought the joys of music into my life, which I am incredibly grateful for.

                                            Josh Temple 

About Concerts

We were fortunate enough to attend a joyful, interactive, and comical concert at the Dale J Miller Center for Guitar Studies. Jim Marsh with the Countywide band played bluegrass, country rock, with some satire tunes thrown in. We joined in the beat and the rhythm and laughed with the antics of the band. We were treated to an espresso bar which rounded out the evenings.

                                                          Irene Braun

On Learning to Play the Keys

Sarah has been my son Ethan’s piano teacher for almost two years now.  At first, my reason to hire her was because of her super-friendly personality and musical talent (opinion based on her vocal ability).   As time goes by,  I have noticed the friendly personality is led to great teaching skills and her talents and passion in music help my son to appreciate music, and not get bored.  She also respects my son's creativity and personal taste in music so he won't get discouraged learning it.  I am very pleased that Sarah Turner is my son's piano teacher because he not only plays and enjoys piano, he experiences the joy of music. Thank you for reading.

                                              Sookie Han




From A Familiy of Musicians

Having studied under Dale as an adult and having two children study with him for years, I cannot say enough about the positive atmosphere, dedication, and deep knowledge brought to bear to help us become musicians and guitarists. 

                                                               Tony Bigbee

From Laura Lear, with the band Castle Raven

It is a privilege to take lessons from or to watch Dale Miller perform live... I can't wait to continue our talks on theory, figured bass and so much more! Thank you... Mr. Dale for everything you do for both the Center, and Childbloom!                                                                                          Laura Lear

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